In the Shadow of the Tyrant

A Formal Complaint

To whom it may concern,

I am writing today to formally complain regarding the actions of the officer squad under command of Major Hannah Köhler. At noon on the previous day, Lieutenant Hasek and I were socializing within my private quarters, whenCaptain Rirosorchalwen knocked on the door and brashly demanded entry. Lieutenant Hasek, being off-duty, had been indulging in a bottle of wine, and convinced me to allow the Captain into my room, despite my better judgment.

Accompanying Captain Rirosorchalwen was Major Köhler herself, Lieutenant Fannalfannalrin (who promptly departed), and what I can only presume to be the Captain’s pet monkey. As I was distracted, attempting to deal with the interruption, said monkey began to, for want of a more dignified description, monkey around in my room. The primate began ripping through the important paperwork upon my desk, and destroying the results of my arduous magical calculations performed the previous night.

In retaliation, I afflicted the monkey with a harmless spell, after which it vanished. Major Köhler, rather than disciplining Captain Rirosorchalwen for such uncouth behavior, simply stood by. The Captain herself seemed to find the situation hilarious, adding insult to the damage the monkey had caused.

Before I had a chance to voice my displeasure to the Major, the primate appeared again, this time tampering with the bowl of fruit I had brought to my quarters as a snack. Once again, I scared him away with a harmless spell, barely maintaining my dignity before the laughing officers who had invaded my quarters.

This incidents repeated themselves several times, until I was finally able to forcefully evict the monkey from the premises. Finally relaxing, I took a bite of a piece of fruit from the bowl, only to lose consciousness a moment later. Several hours afterward, I awoke, alone in my quarters, with my prized spellbook and coinpurse missing. I can only assume that Major Köhler and Captain Rirosorchalwen used the monkey as a distraction to drug me and steal my possessions.

Aside from the obvious criminal intent, these actions reflect poorly on the Freystadt military as a whole, and are unacceptable, particularly for officers of their rank. I trust that correct disciplinary action will be taken against the parties in question.

Lieutenant Sibyllia Kaspersen


Gamble_Kuma Gamble_Kuma

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