In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Alena's Diary (Entry 3)

The unit I sent to Karzak’s laboratory should return today, and I must say that I am unexpectedly eager to have them back. Gilbert continues to avoid visiting the manor any way he can, and the incessant banging of that thing in the basement is beginning to get to me. It’s even begun to frighten young Timmy. Though I would much prefer for Gilbert to deal with it, Captain Köhler’s unit should be well up to the challenge. Any group that can survive the remnant’s of Karzak’s research, after all, should have no trouble with a simple monster in the basement.

According to Willikin’s reports the route back from the Everspire Range is as dangerous as ever. The squad had to deal with a horde of goblins, a band of Ogre highwaymen, and even a scheming Lamia in order to make it safely home. They proved quite up to the challenge, of course, though the spectacle of that swollen Ogre brute falling upon Lieutenant Obsidian must have been most entertaining to see. Sometimes I envy Willikin’s freedoms and experience, the opportunity to silently look upon others’ misfortune. Not often, but sometimes.

As expected, Köhler’s unit had no trouble dealing with that nuisance the workers uncovered. In the process the buffoons somehow managed to kill Timmy, however. I managed to control my outrage, it shan’t be difficult to create another Attic Whisperer, after all, but the depth of their ignorance is quite astounding. I would love to blame that sickeningly do-gooding Paladin, but apparently the incident was instigated by the little one stealing Rirosorchalwen’s voice. Oh my, it stole her voice! How terrifying! Spare me from these fools…

The actual beast down there, a Petrified Maiden, Willikins tells me, was dispatched without much effort, almost an afterthought. It did manage to severely injure Lieutenant Rirosorchalwen, however. Her spine itself looked injured, even disfigured after that encounter. Perhaps such a pleasing sight helped me to keep my temper in the face of such ignorance.

I’ve given the squad a few days leave, to keep them out of the way for the time being. There is still the matter of Suspiria‘s little conflict to deal with. Frustrating as it is, part of my duty is to uphold the treaty. Assuming I cannot shirk the responsibility somehow, I shall have to send Köhler’s team to mediate. They should be good at that, at least, naive as they are.


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