In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Allison's Tale

Cast in the light of a flickering campfire, two twisted figures hunched maliciously over a bubbling cauldron. There was no sound bu the whistling of the wind through Blightmoor‘s leafless trees until the larger of the two reached out and thumped the cauldron in an annoyed manner.
“Is this thing working, ”/characters/silvietta" class=“wiki-content-link”>Silvietta?" she screeched petulantly.
“It hasn’t worked since Allison went into the Plane of Shadow, Dorean," the other replied. This exchange had the air of one that had been repeated many times in the past few hours.
“Well sod that, then,” Dorean sat down on a moldering tree stump with a muffled thud.
Just then, the air above the cauldron erupted into a cloud of foul green smoke and Allison descended upon the fire, monstrous black wings beating heavily through the air. Her landing could not be called graceful, but she kept her footing and folded the wings back behind her tattered cloak before turning back to the others, a furious expression on her face.
“Well?!” she snapped, “What’s so important that you called me back here?! I was having an intimate moment with my lover.”
“I wanted to make sure you were dead, you daft old biddy,” Silvietta muttered under her breath.
“What was that, Silvietta?” Dorean asked quickly, suddenly peering suspiciously at the youngest member of the coven.
“I was so worried about you, Allison!” she lied, forcing a smile upon her features, “I just couldn’t stand another moment wonde-”. Silvietta paused as what Allison had said finally caught up to her. "You were having an intimate moment?
Suddenly the witches were rapt with attention, crowding around Allison who, for her part, practically preened in undisguised pride.
“It wasn’t much,” she said with mock humility, “I just saved his life and my beautiful ”/characters/kham-tsenkyo" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kham rewarded me with a kiss."
“A kiss?!” Dorean gasped, lumpy hands clasped over her mouth.
Silvietta leaned forward with an expression of horrified curiosity. “Did he… did he use his tongue?”
“And then some!” Allison proclaimed, beaming with delighht.
“You’ve got to tell us all about it, Allison!” Dorean urged, “Silvietta, go put on the tea.”
Silvietta did so without compaint, and soon the three had steaming mugs in their hands, the two smaller gathered around Allison’s hulking form to hear her tale.

It all started right here, when I saw my love killed and pulled into the Plane of Shadow by those filthy Kytons. Of course, I knew he wasn’t really dead; no man of mine is that easy to kill. Anyway, I teleported straight away to Sakya Nyingma, determined to save him.
It didn’t take me long to find the closest route into the Shadow Plane, and within a few hours I had arrived at the portal. A big, black pair of doors. Would have been impressive, but somebody had left them open so I went right on through. Inside was a cave, all dark and forbidding and I accidentally stepped on a sleeping giant.
He was big and ugly and all patched up with stiches, but the oaf took one look at my face and passed right back out. Stunned by my beauty, no doubt. It was right around then that I ran into Kham’s freands. That airheaded Elf with the black sword was there, Nyrik the paladin, the stuffy half-elf girl, and their pet Sidhe. You know about Nyrik, right Silvietta? Don’t go blushing now, I’ve seen your collection. Anyway, I ran into his friends and, of course, they were so happy to see me that they begged to have me along. I had planned to daringly rescue Kham from Entropy’s Fall myself, but they were just so piteous that I couldn’t bring myself to leave them alone.
Together we travelled through the Plane, and they were all ever so eager to hear my stories about Kham and myself. They flocked around me, drinking in my beautiful voice, until it got so late that I finally managed to convince them to set up camp for the night. That night, as much as you can call it that in the Shadow Plane, passed uneventfully, with just two zombies and a Nightshade that almost ate that Sidhe I’ve been saving for later.
The next “morning”, well rested and refreshed, we kept going and soon we could see Entropy’s Fall in the distance. No doubt awed by having such a distinguished visitor, the Kytons sent out a detachment of honor guards to lead us inside. My demeands to meet with Kahm were instantly agreed to, of course.
As it turns out, Kham had been kidnapped by Sariel, the evil princess of the Kyton nation. Seing his beauty, she was trying to transform him into a Kyton so that she could have him all to herself. After she told us this, though, one glare from me sent her scurrying from teh room like a cockroach. Sariel’s aide, the hideous Dishaad, was not as easily intimidated, and we entered into a mighty battle, with the rest of Kham’s friends and the guards looking on awestruck.
As ashamed as I am to admit it, Dishaad got the upper hand and pinned me to the wall. Just then, the chains holding Kham captive began to creak and groan, then shattered into pieces, as my love laptto my rescue, face grinning and muscles glistening. His fist caught Dishaad across the face so forcefully that his head spun clear around and he fell to the floor dead. Then, Kham swept me manfully into his arms and telported us outside the castle.
The ground under us shook as Entropy’s Fall exploded while, at the same time, Kham kissed me long and passionately on te mouth. Sariel could do nothing but howl in rage and jealousy at our love. Then, you two had to go and call me and ruin the moment!

There was a brief moment of silence around the campfire, broken only by Dorean whistling slowly through her front teeth.
“…Wow,” the lumpy witch said, “That’s just great, Allison.”
“What about the Blodeuwedd?” Silvietta asked.
Allison’s head snapped in her direction, dreamy eyes suddenly filled with rage. “You will not talk about that woman in my presence, young Silvietta.”
“Fine, fine,” the young hag raised her hands in placation, “But did all of that really happen?”
“I might’ve exaggerated here and there, but more or less that’s what happneed,” Allison’s eyes clouded over again, a faraway look to them, “Kham was so dreamy, with his big wet lips and his long, long tongue.”
Silvietta turned and cursed under her breath, pretending to busy herself with the kettle. She was running out of poisons to put in Allison’s tea, and even the Kyton capital on the PLane of shadow hadn’t been enough to kill the hag.
“Daft old biddy,” she muttered.


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