In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Pemberton's Records (File 1)

Spymaster Pemberton,

We followed the subjects as you commanded. Their first destination was the city market. Due to the thick crowds present there, it was not difficult to conceal our presences and observe from afar. After a period of unimportant shopping for minor magic items, the Paladin and the Monk from Captain Köhler’s unit approached a fat merchant selling novelty shirts on the side of the road.

At the man’s insistence, the Paladin tried on a novelty shirt that the merchant claimed would suit him perfectly. The article in question was a blue, short-sleeved shirt with a pattern of frolicking kittens on the forward field. Upon viewing Acting Lieutenant Nyrik wearing the shirt, several people in the crowd, as well as Lieutenant Rirosorchalwen collapsed into uncontrolled laughter. At this point, Specialist Heinrich had to be forcefully restrained lest he compromise the squad’s position.

With more zeal than is normal, the merchant then forced a red shirt upon Acting Lieutenant Tsenkyo. This article was bright red, with flaming letters spelling out the words “Get Some!” in bold type across the front. As with the previous shirt, this one incited unnatural emotions in the crowd, causing many large, threatening men to approach Tsenkyo with open hostility. Following a brief debacle, in which the Acting Lieutenant was chased across the square by an angry mob, Captain Köhler forcefully removed the shirt by enhancing him with a spell, causing his skin to become hard and knotted, ripping apart the fabric. Acting Lieutenant Nyrik simply pulled the kitten shirt off without apparent effort.

Our squad noted that the merchant sneaked away with his wares during the confusion, but the observed unit was determined to follow him. A similar exchange occurred when they met again, but Lieutenant Barkwin and the other members left satisfied after purchasing a shirt in Captain Köhler’s size, this one featuring three wolves howling at a moon in the upper field.

The observed subjects are noted as acting like tourists, as indelicately put by Specialist Heinrich, but no better description currently presents itself. After visiting each of the notable landmarks, the group arrived at the square in front of the Aegis Vault. Here, Acting Lieutenant Nyrik encountered Specimen #68, the rogue Succubus currently loose within the city. Though she attempted to charm him, a mix of his severe naivete and Acting Lieutenant Tsenkyo’s gentle urging extracted him unharmed from the situation. We lacked the proper firepower to attempt the demon’s capture, but her appearance has been noted and logged.

Near the end of the day, Captain Köhler decided that she needed to meet Gilbert Hardwin for unknown reasons. She is noted as speaking excitedly about a “sleepover”, but details remain unclear. After a short period of information-gathering, the group discovered the location of Hardwin’s residence in the suburbs and promptly departed for it.

Upon reaching Hardwin’s residence, the door was answered by his known roommate, Banehammer, and the observed subjects were invited inside. As per your instructions, we refrained from initiating contact, and waited outside for the unit to emerge. Before much time had passed, Lieutenant Barkwin was seen leaving the house, and was followed to the Aegis Vault and back, apparently without purpose. During this interim, Gilbert Hardwin arrived at the residence.

Shortly after Lieutenant Barkwin returned, the group left the residence and proceeded to their appointed quarters. As is normal, Banehammer discerned our location and invited the squad inside for tea and scones. We were, of course, careful not to disclose any information to him, though Specialist Heinrich needed to be reminded of this procedure several times. After speaking with him, he saw us out and provided us with an extra scone, which he insisted be sent to you, sir. You will find the pastry enclosed with this message.

((Archivist’s Note: The “Monk” earlier in this message refers to a Wizard, rather than an ascetic holy man as is common. Note to replace reference to Captain Köhler’s magic with something more easily accepted by the Commander.))


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