In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Scandal! The High Priestess' folly.

The Golden Herald - Issue #51

Headline Story: Scandal! The High Priestess’ folly.

All our readers are likely familiar with Renate Konstantin. She was, until recently, the High Priestess of Abadar here in Freystadt City, a position which holds a great deal of power and prestige. Due to the events detailed below, however, Lady Konstantin has been forced to leave her position in favor of one at a much lower rank. Until a new High Priestess is selected, Lord Irmin Boehler will be taking over her duties, a man already well-known for the sheer amount of work he handles.

According to an anonymous letter sent to us here at the Golden Herald, these events began when the famous Unicorn Brigade returned from a reconnaissance mission deep in Blightmoor. Nyrik, traveling Paladin slash celebrity, had just defeated a powerful agent of evil, a Grave Knight, and he and his team were returning to Freystadt bearing its armor.

Seeking further information about this legendary “Grave Knight”, we first visited Marquering Archives, Freystadt‘s primary resource for occult knowledge. The Archive’s resident Necromancer, the impressively Clodovicus Van Tonder, refused to comment on the matter, but our own research revealed some astounding facts. Grave Knights are powerful Undead monsters born from the armor of legendary warriors. Most interestingly, a Grave Knight whose body has been destroyed will regenerate it from its armor, making them nigh impossible to kill.

Having understood this, it became clear that the Unicorn Brigade’s actions were no mere trifle. They were indeed bringing a powerful undead monstrosity, or perhaps the potential of an undead monstrosity, directly into the heart of Freystadt. The very thought sounds chills down the spine.

It seems, however, that Major Hannah Köhler had taken measures to ensure the Grave Knight did not begin its horrid reconstruction, and indeed brought the armor to the aforementioned High Priestess Renate Konstantin to be purified. Objectively, this seems like a fine plan. Surely a High Priestess of Abadar would have both the power and the proclivity to destroy a Grave Knight’s armor. Lady Konstantin, however, had other ideas.

That brings us to the second part of this story. Having just returned from the unpleasant business in Stromberg (Golden Herald Issue #46), the Unicorn Brigade was immediately summoned to Dame Winther‘s mansion for briefing on a new, secret mission. Unbeknownst to them, this “secret mission” started with the members of Major Köhler’s squad being drugged, knocked out, and thrown into the deepest reaches of the Pharasmian Catacombs.

Seeking justification for this seemingly heinous act, I personally requested an interview with Dame Winther, to which she graciously accepted. Although we are regretfully unable to include the full content of this interview, it was quickly made clear that Lady Alena is a wonderful person, and that no blame should be levied against her for this incident.

What happened in the Catacombs remains a mystery. Our anonymous source attempted to describe it, with vague references to giants, treasure, and deadly traps, but the description was too disjointed and unbelievable for we at the Golden Herald to include it in good faith. It is common knowledge throughout Freystadt that the giants are well extinct, and, even if they were still alive, the thought of them fitting into the Catacombs is laughable at best.

The important, and now indisputable item gathered from the story is that, while exploring the dungeons, the Unicorn Brigade encountered the very same Grave Knight, bound and shackled in a cell, and apparently awaiting experimentation. Furthermore, under mysterious circumstances, this prisoner escaped, leaving the Catacombs and remaining a threat at large in the outside world.

Although Lady Konstantin was unavailable for interview, it has been determined that her original aim was to use information gathered from the Grave Knight to create an army of unkillable soldiers for Freystadt. No doubt the idea has merit, but the very thought of using necromancy and undeath to achieve such an end is unthinkable. Such a force would be difficult to control at best, and a lethal danger to the country itself at the worst, not to mention the massive political ramifications should the Pharasmians in Livadeia learn of it.

The actions of Lady Konstantin are troubling in themselves, but also disturbing are the circumstances under which the Grave Knight escaped his prison. Did the Paladin Nyrik release him, seeking once again to battle against such a worthy rival? Was it a calculated attack on Freystadt’s security by known foreigner and suspected dissident Kham Tsenkyo? Or perhaps it was a cunning move by Hannah Köhler herself, to remove Renate Konstantin from the picture and create new opportunities on her path for power.

Regardless, the Grave Knight remains a threat to all the good citizens of Freystadt, and we at the Golden Herald can only hope that the monster is dealt with and his armor destroyed, before it is too late.

Star Reporter – Kira Appleton

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Weekly Gossip Panel: Freychat

Hello, all you fellow gossip lovers, and welcome to Freychat! This has been an exciting week for all those Nyrites and Khampas in Freystadt City, as the ever-popular Unicorn Brigade has finally returned to the capitol. We’ve got a few really juicy pieces of gossip about both everyone’s favorite Paladin and Kham Tsenkyo, the plucky underdog, so let’s get right to it!

Our first bit of news comes from an anonymous tipper, a pale, handsome man who unexpectedly visited our office late at night. He claims that he saw Nyrik Albanir and Lieutenant Elowyn Eberhardt on a date in one of Freystadt’s finest restaurants!

“It was disgusting, they were all over each other,” the mysterious correspondent said, fidgeting around and hiding his face with a flowing black cape, “I swear I’ll have my revenge on that Paladin. Elowyn’s mine, you hear me?! Mine!”

Was this really a date between two of Freystadt’s finest? And who is this mysterious man obsessed with Lieutenant Eberhardt? Other sources say that they too saw Elowyn and Nyrik visiting a bar together and walking around late at night, so there might be some evidence to these rumors after all!

The next piece of gossip comes from an unnamed but frequent correspondent right from the magical Grunewald! Lady S, as she signs her submissions, says that she saw both Nyrik and Kham cavorting about a nearby meadow, surrounded by beautiful women with flowers in their hair. Could it be that our two heroes have a secret faerie harem just outside of Freystadt?! Lady S goes on to say that she saw Nyrik kiss one of the beautiful women, and that both of them gave out gifts, tokens of affection, to the others. Troubling news indeed, for all those faithful Nyrites and Khampas out there!

Those are our two big stories, but here’s some more tidbits of gossip for those who can’t get enough!

  • Kham and Major Rirosorchalwen enroll together in the White Wyvern Society! Magical peers, or something more?
  • Hannah Köhler seen fraternizing with a younger, bug-like Lieutenant. Simple friendship, or forbidden insect love?
  • Golden Fist Markus Hofmeister rumored to secretly be an Orc.
  • Markus’ horse Dazzlebeam claims to have written magical book, suspiciously absent from bookstores in Freystadt.
  • Steinogg’s one weird trick to getting ripped – could it really work?
  • Tiny Swashbuckler seen asking around about Hannah Köhler’s interests, the Major’s secret beau?
  • Drunken debutante Helga Kaufmann: Starling victims ‘had it coming’.
  • Kaufmann Family immediately distances themselves from the actions of youngest daughter.
  • Honeycutt Family threatens to disown daughter Lyrica if she doesn’t ‘stop this magical nonsense and become the heir our family needs’.
  • Irmin Boehler – secretly a crossdresser?
  • Lord Pemberton’s doll fetish – pure rumor or embarrassing truth?
  • Mysterious ‘tree woman’ sighted again outside Freystadt.

Read again next time for even more pieces of great Freystadt gossip, and be sure to write in if you hear any juicy rumors of your own!

Freychat Lead Editor – Miya Appleton

The Golden Poll

Hello, hello, good readers. This issue we’ve got a very special poll, especially for all you ladies. Without further ado:

Freystadt’s Most Eligible Bachelor
  • Nyrik Albanir – A travelling paladin of Serenrae, Nyrik is known for his exotic blonde hair, dashing good looks, and willingness to always help. A local celebrity, Nyrik is also said to have vanquished several powerful evil creatures in the service of the Freystadt Military.
  • Gilbert Hardwin – Member of the elite squad of military leaders, the Golden Fist, Gilbert also serves as head strategist for the country of Freystadt. Known for his glasses, handsome features, and laid-back attitude, he’s also rumored to be able to hold his own in a fight.
  • Royle V. Honeycutt – Freystadt’s most charming postman, Royle was the scion of the wealthy Honeycutt family and rumored to be a genius in both leadership and economics, but suddenly threw it all away in favor of just delivering the mail. His dasking good looks, pristine white uniform, and tousled red hair are a temptation for Freystadt housewives everywhere.
  • Timoteus Scrier – A ranking member of the Lindwurm Order, the elite cadre of knights serving as the Lord General’s personal guard, Timoteus is better known as an incorrigible skirt chaser. Having inherited the elegant good looks of his Elven ancestors and the rugged musculature of his Human forebearers, he is often seen chasing Lysistrata Rose across Freystadt, spouting poetry and offering up a rose from his lapel.
  • Kham Tsenkyo – A hapless foreign Wizard from the Northeastern country of Shizamu, Kham isn’t exactly the most handsome man, but his dark skin and long braided hair give him an exotic appeal. Kham is known for his deep friendship with the Paladin Nyrik and has also performed many great services for the country of Freystadt. Although seemingly cursed with misfortune, his magical prowess is undeniable.

Remember, write your choice on a simple slip of paper and send it to:

Pollmaster Banehammer
27 Shield Street, Residential Ward Block 4, Freystadt, Freystadt

Our results will be revealed next time, along with a savory recipe for honey-glazed biscuits.


calling out the anachronism here, freystadt has knowledge of genetics?


Only Steinogg does, and only because he’s pants-on-head insane.

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