In the Shadow of the Tyrant

The Battle of Fort Mϋllrose

High Priority Message to Lord General Sigismund Dreher
Regarding: Combat Report

My Lord,

I am pleased to inform you that the battle went exactly as planned. The forces of Blightmoor broke against our mighty walls, and were sent scattering back into the forests. It was an overwhelming victory for Freystadt.

Intelligence had indicated prior to the battle that the enemy intended to break through our defenses with a vanguard of giants, but they were not the only elite forces to have been dispatched from the Blightmoor. We have confirmed at least three other elite units. One giant, much larger than the others, confirmed by our resident priests to be a resurrected Zombie, one heavily armed and armored warrior, believed to be their commander, and one large black dragon, likely a fully-grown adult, were also present on the battlefield.

We commenced the battle with our two elite squads, hand picked by your Golden Fist, meeting Blightmoor’s Hill Giant forces in the center of the battlefield. Though each squad suffered minor injuries, thanks to their valiant efforts, only a single giant actually reached the walls, and only managed to collapse a small section of our defenses before the troops there responded, slew the giant, and established a defensive perimeter to plug the breach.

According to the official confirmed count, Major El-Mofty’s squad brought down a total of six fully-armed Hill Giants in the first battle, while Captain Köhler’s team killed only five. The Captain’s squad is, however, also responsible for killing the Zombie Giant, which attacked them in the midst of the other combat. Despite Major El-Mofty’s insistence that it “still only counts as one”, this is quite a feat.

At the appearance of the heavily armored knight and the dragon, Dame Armbruster and myself detached from our respective squads and intercepted the wyrm. Though powerful, our combined prowess was enough to keep it at bay and away from the fort. Shortly thereafter, however, the enemy commander joined the battle, and engaged Dame Armburster in a one-on-one battle. Due to my extensive defensive training, I was able to lock down the dragon, but was dismayed to see Lady Karin struggling with her own enemy.

To our great relief, by this time both Captain Köhler and Major El-Mofty had finished eliminating their respective targets, and rushed to our aid. Having been slightly faster in defeating their enemies, the Captain’s squad arrived first and showed remarkable courage and skill in surrounding and harrying the dragon. Lieutenant Barkwin was especially enthusiastic in this fight. In a display of impressive magical prowess, Captain Köhler herself dealt the finishing blow, striking the dragon’s head through with a bolt of lightning and crashing it, headless, to the ground.

After this, both squads rushed to the assistance of Dame Armbruster, who had been bloodied in her fight with the enemy commander. After being surrounded on all sides, however, the armored man produced a black sphere and apparently used its magic to teleport away. Lieutenant Rirosorchalwen landed a direct hit as he activated it, but I regret to inform you that the enemy successfully escaped.

As a summary, Major El-Mofty’s squad performed just as expected, but Captain Kohler and her men went above and beyond their duties, and even saved my life. Each of them shall be receiving a promotion on the morrow, and I give them full recommendation for any further duties the upcoming conflict with Blightmoor may bring.

For the Glory of Freystadt,
Commander Boris Siegward


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