In the Shadow of the Tyrant

The Sending of Heroes

Champions of Freystadt!

You are hereby tasked with a mission of the utmost import. You are to infiltrate Tyrant’s Redoubt at its suspected location in Blightmoor, extract Major Benyamin El-Mofty, and return with as few casualties as possible. The use of excessive force is permitted by order of the Lord General himself.

Knight of the First Vault Markus Hofmeister will be in command for this venture, assisted by Dame Karin Armbruster. Should these two be indisposed, command will fall to Major Hannah Köhler, and subsequently to Captain Rirosorchalwen.

The Blightmoor is full of peril, and Tyrant’s Redoubt doubly so. This will be the most difficult mission you have yet attempted. But fear not! The hopes and prayers of the citizens of Freystadt go with you. Rescue our fallen soldier, and return triumphant!

Abadar go with you.

High Priestess Renate Konstantin


Gamble_Kuma Gamble_Kuma

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