Alena Winther

"It's trying to struggle. How adorable."


The first member of the Lord General’s personal guard, the Golden Fist, Alena Winther is a lithe, graceful woman with straight black hair and exotic features. Despite her youthful appearance and unquestionable beauty, Alena gives off a subtly sinister air. Her left eye has no white or iris, instead being a sphere of perfect black, and she makes no attempt to hide the sharp, blood-red claws that tip each of her fingers.

A magic-user of impressive power, Alena is the most subtle of the General’s Guard, preferring manipulation and intrigue to blatant battle. Though her methods are frowned upon by many, including the Lord General himself, her effectiveness is beyond doubt, and has secured her position within the Golden Fist. Winther is known for her cruelty, and rumors of the dark activities carried out in her manse in Freystadt are in no small supply.


Alena Winther

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