Azuria Arkwright

"Is this BFF?"


The newest member of Mofty’s Marauders, Azuria Arkwright was brought in after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of the previous incumbent, Mask. Azuria shares a certain insectile quality with her forebearer, possessing eyes that are a solid icy blue from edge to edge, and a chitinous tail that tapers from the base of her spine. Her hair, black, sleek and reaching to just below her shoulders, naturally forms into a pair of protrusions above her forehead that look almost, but not quite, like antennae.

Azuria’s demeanor is cold and somewhat alien, an effect compounded by her exotic appearance. She does, however, exhibit a genuine curiosity in those around her, often following others around and simply watching them. As can be expected, this usually results in a negative reaction from the one so observed.

When in battle, Azuria wears a heavy suit of plate armor, its metal a polished white the same color as her skin, and its joints decorated with icy sapphires. Her left arm holds a massive tower shield of the same material, and her right wields a trident with moderate skill. What she lacks in offensive power, however, she makes up for in resiliency, endurance and, surprisingly, speed, darting about the battlefield in spite of her ponderous gear.


Azuria Arkwright

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