Barnabas Carver

"You really shouldn't open that door. You won't like what's behind it."


The official curator of the Pharasmian Catacombs, Barnabas Carver stands at the head of a complex machine of jailers, gravekeepers, and wardens that manages the complex network of dungeons and mausoleums beneath Freystadt City. His appearance is well suited to his profession, being a dour Dwarf with a bristling gray beard and sunken, haunted eyes. Barnabas tends to spend most of his time below the surface, and, on those occasions he does visit the city proper, murmurs to anyone who will listen about the horrible things he’s seen working within the Catacombs. Though not particularly disliked, the city’s view of him is that of a piteous man with an undesirable job.


Barnabas Carver

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