Benyamin El-Mofty

"It's cunnin' and wits that'll finish a mission. None of this fancy 'strategy' schmuck."


A grizzled old veteran and captain of the new special operations unit, Binyamin El-Mofty has been a common face around Horstmar for as long as anyone can remember. His irreverent attitude and colorful language make him unpopular with his superiors, but his capability and uncanny knack for survival cannot be denied. It was this combination of traits that originally recommended El-Mofty for the position of special operations captain, though the decision may also have been a subtle way for the brass to quietly remove him from the picture.

Binyamin is short by anyone’s standards, with a pronounced stoop and erratic gait. Although one of his ears ends in a jagged patchwork, the pointed shape of the other clearly reveals his Elven heritage, despite that he has none of the stature and grace associated with his race. Indeed, El-Mofty’s body seems to be little more than a quilt of scars and prosthetics, several of his teeth replaced with metal counterparts and one of his arms ending in a clearly wooden hand. Despite this, the Elf appears to have lost none of his former vitality, always ready with a smile and a joke, and moving with surprising grace when the situation calls for it.


Benyamin El-Mofty

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