Boris Siegward

"We are the rock upon which breaks the tides of evil."


Boris Siegward has been commander of the forces at Fort Mϋllrose for decades, and has not once failed to repel invaders from the Blightmoor. A brilliant tactician and conservative thinking, he adopts defensive strategies in combat that prioritize avoiding needless casualties, making him popular with many of the troops under him. As a seasoned veteran in the ongoing struggle against the dark forces in Blightmoor, the region’s recent inactivity, rather than making him complacent, has instead put him on guard and deeply suspicious.

Physically, Boris is a towering bear of a man, with a bald head and an impressively thick brown beard styled in a single braid. His strength and fortitude are legendary, as is his calculating mind. Indeed, Boris would have no weaknesses as a commander if not for his sometimes bull-headed resolution to stick with a strategy even among a changing situation. In addition, the recent lack of action coupled with his own advancing age has changed a portion of Siegsward’s legendary musculature into fat, a fact about which he is very sensitive.


Boris Siegward

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