Clodovicus Van Tonder

"The realm of the dead is their domain. It is best not to meddle in it."


The head Necromancer of Freystadt’s White Wyvern Society, Clodovicus Van Tonder is a solidly-built man with an intimidating network of scars across his face, including a tangled mess of tissue where his right eye should be. Serious and contemplative, he strongly believes that Necromancy is a dangerous art that should be kept from the common people, and has thus become one of Otmar Stoppelbein’s closest allies. When he was just an apprentice, Clodovicus raised and subsequently lost control of an undead specimen. The creature had clawed out the young magician’s right eye before his master saved him, granting Van Tonder both his latticework of scars and his wary respect for Necromancy’s power.

Perhaps because of this experience, Clodovicus has eschewed creating undead, instead focusing on the study of life, death, and the border between them. He wears a thick white coat, usually reserved for doctors, and is respected for his ability to both heal and cause pain in equal measure. With the possible exception of Theodorich Beyersdorf, he is the most respected of the members of the White Wyvern Society.

Clodovicus Van Tonder has no apprentice, and has stated that he does not plan to take one on, hoping that the practice of Necromancy in Freystadt will pass on with him.


Clodovicus Van Tonder

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