Gaybreighal Sweetsheen


A Gnome of the cloth with bizarre bright orange skin, Gaybreighal Sweetsheen acted as Alena Winther‘s herald, retrieving Benyamin El-Mofty’s squad from Horstmar, then continuing to travel with them. Affectionately called “Pumpkin Gnome” by his teammates, his constant drinking, apathy in combat, and belligerent attitude did little to endear him to others. Eventually, after passing out from too much drink, Gilbert Barkwin traded him to Malakai for a whetstone, a move which she considered a net gain for the party. Some time later, after being used as an experimental test subject for various poisons, Gaybreighal met a gruesome end at the pincers of a giant carrion beetle.

Many months later, Gaybreighal reappeared on the road to Hustler’s Den, seemingly part of a force dedicated to slaying Riwen, Kham, Nyrik and Tighenarch, though this was eventually revealed to be nothing more than a restored corpse puppeteered by fiendish spirits in the service of Karl the Dull. The spirits left the body after Karl was slain on the roof of the Pixie’s Tower, and the traveling Freystadtians briefly considered it for inhabitation by the succubus Vehelith before choosing Tabirra‘s instead and leaving Gaybreighal’s body to rot again.


Gaybreighal Sweetsheen

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