Gilbert Hardwin

"Lighten up. Even the Maiden lived for herself now and again."


Gilbert Hardwin is the second member of the Lord General’s personal guard, The Golden Fist. A slender man with tousled brown hair, spectacles, and an easy smile, he is easily the most popular of the five, and maintains friendly relations with each of the other members. Eschewing militant equipment, he dresses in casual clothing whenever he can get away with it, favoring deep greens and browns. On formal occasions, he is instead clad in white and gold robes similar to those worn by the priests of Abadar in the Aegis Vault.

Gilbert has a surprisingly high aptitude for physical combat, given his appearance, but instead uses his powerful intellect to work as head tactician for the rest of the Golden Fist and, often, the entirety of Freystadt. These skills, coupled with his uncanny insight into enemy tactics and abilities on the battlefield, have solidified Hardwin’s position, and he is one of the most respected individuals in the kingdom.

As stated before, Gilbert maintains good relations with the other members of his organization. He is close friends with Markus Hofmeister and, surprisingly, Alena Winther, whose acidic demeanor usually distances her from any personal relationships.


Gilbert Hardwin

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