Hariwald Harduwich


A wiry, tangle-bearded Dwarf sporting an eyepatch and a toothy grin, Hariwald Harduwich has a boisterous energy that borders on mania. Though undisciplined and rowdy, he gets along well with the other Lindwurm Knights, even the normally elitist Telephorus. Hariwald comes from a long line of haberdashers, and always makes a point to wear one of his family’s new, stylish hats, eschewing more protective headgear.

The circumstances of Harduwich’s induction into the Knightly Order is of some debate. One story goes that an acquaintance bet a young Hariwald that he could never become a knight. So spurred on, the audacious Dwarf vanished into the countryside for several days, during which time he hunted down, beat into submission, and wrangled a wild wyvern, presumably through sheer force of personality.

Hariwald’s wyvern is a massive, dangerous beast with slate gray scales and fierce red eyes. Wild and unpredictable, he is normally kept under lock, key, and heavy guard until needed by his master. Around Harduwich, however, the normally voltaile drake is as calm and docile as a puppy.


Hariwald Harduwich

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