Hortensia Klein


Hortensia Klein is the White Wyvern Society’s most exotic member, and the third most senior, despite her celestial ancestry having given her youth far beyond the limits of a normal human. A tall, but slender woman, she has both hair and flesh of pure blinding white, with thick lines of yellow and orange forming angular patterns across her skin. Hortensia’s eyes dully glow with the same color, and a faintly visible, but intangible aura of heat surrounds her at all times.

Klein functions well with the White Wyvern Society, not because she agrees with their ideals, but because she can’t be bothered to care. A consummate pyromaniac, all of her rather abundant energy is devoted to finding more elaborate and creative ways to make things go boom. Despite the obvious problems this might cause, she is remarkably fastidious in making sure that her experiments result in no damage to Freystadt or its citizens, and the government views her research as particularly important should the country go to war.

Hortensia has recently taken Rirosorchalwen as an apprentice, though there are rumors that several previous applicants failed to survive the experience for more than a few weeks.


Hortensia Klein

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