"I think we can sell that for a pretty penny indeed, Beck."


A member of the infamous Lumberjack Twins, Jack and his brother Beck can often be seen hanging around the less reputable lumberyards in Horstmar. The younger of the two brothers, Jack is technically a subordinate, though the two act with such synchronization that such a designation is pointless. Physically, Jack is a tall man with a lumberjack’s build, his broad shoulders and bulging biceps clear indicators of a lifetime spent chopping trees. His head and face are bald and gleaming, with a deep, long scar running diagonally from right to left across his face. Like his brother, he favors an axe as his weapon, but, rather than carpentry, he has a surprising passion for sewing that he pursues at every opportunity.

Jack is currently presumed dead after an unfortunate encounter with Gilbert Barkwin.



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