Jochen Reiter

"Make me something useful."


An elderly, gray-bearded Dwarf with a blacksmith’s physique, Jochen Reiter holds the position of Master Transmuter within the elite White Wyvern Society. His obvious age has done little to diminish his muscular figure, and he favors plain, practical shirts and suspenders to the more traditional robes and vestments of the Society.

Jochen is known for his taciturn and unforgiving countenance. Although not as formal as many of the other Society members, he has no patience for weakness or frivolity, and makes sure that everyone knows it. Though his appearance would not suggest it, Reiter is a consummate researcher, and, when he is not providing Transmutation services to Freystadt’s government, spends much of his time in the depths of the National Archives, working on his own esoteric projects.

Jochen Reiter has recently chosen the adventurer Kham Tsenkyo as his apprentice.


Jochen Reiter

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