One of Shuuten‘s three attendants, Kanaguma serves as her lord’s adviser on all matters magical and religious. Short for a half-oni, she has long, black hair chopped just above each of the two large, flesh-covered horns that extend from her forehead. Her method of dress is reminiscent of that of Shizaman priestesses of old, white and red ceremonial robes, though hers are cut in strategic places to allow greater freedom of movement. Even when not expecting combat, a large, wicked nodachi is always strapped to her back.

People, half-oni and otherwise, dislike Kanaguma instinctively. This is not because of her mocking smile or black sense of humor, which developed as a response to the stigma placed upon her, but rather a side effect of the magical power she has held since birth. Kanaguma is fiercely loyal to Shuuten, to the point of fanaticism, as he saw worth in her and granted her her position and current life, his willpower overcoming natural aversion.



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