Karin Armbruster

"You call that an axe? THIS is an axe!"


The third member of the Lord General’s personal guard, The Golden Fist, Karin Armbruster is a broad, powerful woman who stands taller than most men in the Freystadt army. Her long, platinum-white hair and surprisingly delicate features are at odds with her large, boastful personality, and a figure that can only be described as robust. Just as Gilbert Hardwin dresses in casual clothing whenever able, Karin wears her full set of shining white plate armor whenever she can get away with it, an ornate, double-bladed greataxe strapped across her back.

Armbruster’s prowess in battle is legendary, and she is the only member of the Golden Fist to have attained the position by sheer martial ability. Though usually friendly, her immense pride and eagerness for a fight have been the cause of many brawls in and around Freystadt. Though they can do nothing to bar her entry, tavern owners across the city have come to dread the sight of her in their establishments.

Karin is relatively well liked by the other members of her organization, and maintains an odd, psuedo-romantic relationship with the Gnome Ludolf Forest. Their mismatched forms can often be seen at the bar together, drinking and swapping stories.


Karin Armbruster

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