Ludolf Forest

"Freedom begins and ends in the crowds of the city. Leave the woods for some other bastard."


The fourth member of the Lord General’s personal guard, The Golden Fist, Ludolf Forest is a Gnome with a clean-shaven face and a graven expression. Of indeterminate age, his bald skull is framed by two long lines of gray hair, which flow into a braid tied behind his head. His normal attire is a dusty shirt and faded trousers, adorned with nothing more than bandolier upon bandolier of openly-displayed throwing knives. Ludolf staunchly refuses to wear any sort of uniform.

Though he insists on calling himself a “Ranger” by profession, Ludolf Forest hates the woods, and gets upset when anyone insinuates a connection between him and the wilderness. Rather, he acts as an urban scout, skilled at traversing the city, gathering information, and “disposing” of undesirable elements.

Ludolf is standoffish and terse, leading to a lack of personal relationships with the other members of the Golden Fist. The exception to this is Karin Armbruster, with whom he is engaged in a strange, psuedo-romantic relationship, though both insist that they are nothing more than drinking buddies.


Ludolf Forest

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