Lyrica Honeycutt


Lyrica Honeycutt is Theodorich Beyersdorf’s apprentice, a clever young woman who, while pretty, lacks a certain grace that would make her beautiful. Sharing with him the signature Honeycutt vivid red hair, she has lived in her genius brother’s shadow for as long as she can remember, and considers herself to be entirely plain and normal, especially in comparison to such a prodigy. The Honeycutts being a prestigious family, Lyrica’s parents were appalled when Royle set off to be a postman, rather than any number of other, more dignified jobs, and the responsibility to make something of herself and the family has thus fallen to her.

About a year ago, Lyrica was scouted by the White Wyvern Society’s Theodorich Beyersdorf, the kindly old man insisting that she had something special, despite her protests otherwise. In the intervening time, she has proved a sharp and diligent student, slowly discovering her own magical talent. Needless to say, Lyrica’s parents severely disapprove of what they believe to be a frivolous waste of time, but are prevented from interfering by the potential prestige should their daughter actually pass his scholarship and succeed Theodorich’s position.


Lyrica Honeycutt

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