Markus Hofmeister

"A good citizen remembers the Maiden, because she is justice - worth remembering."


The final member of The Golden Fist, and their official leader, Markus Hofmeister is a towering, well-built man almost never seen out of his shining golden plate. His true appearance is unknown to most citizens of Freystadt, and he is rumored to wear the armor even while sleeping. The armor itself is an ornate affair, wrought of shining gold with ivory highlights, and crowned with a towering great helm sporting two wings on either side.

Despite his imposing appearance, Markus is a great believer in the ideal of fairness and justice, and is known to even be somewhat naive. He often gallivants about the city, addressing its residents as “Citizen” and looking for random good deeds to accomplish. The Aegis Vault is a favorite location of his, where he attends services to Abadar with religious frequency, his heavily armored form a somewhat disconcerting sight among the attending masses.

Alena Winther’s hatred of Markus is well-known to everyone but the man himself, who seems oblivious to her scathing enmity. Aside from that instance, he is generally well-liked, if considered a bit odd, and is good friends with Gilbert Hardwin.


Markus Hofmeister

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