Renate Konstantin

"Maiden bless you. For Her glory, we live."


A formidable Dwarfish woman who holds the dual positions of head priestess and Archbanker at the Aegis Vault in Freystadt. Though devout in her worship of Abadar, Renate is also responsible for the recent shift in worship from the traditional god of civilization towards the semi-deification of the kingdom’s founder, Freya. Calculating and ruthless, she also effectively runs the day to day operations and bureaucracy of the capitol city, making her effectively the second most powerful individual in the kingdom.

True to her Dwarven heritage, Renate stands just over four feet tall, and is built like a brick wall. Though none would call her beautiful, her features could be described as handsome, with a fierce gaze powerful enough to put fear in the strongest of men. Though her martial prowess is rumored, Renate usually eschews combat equipment, instead wearing her white and golden robes of office, draped with hanging keys and bearing a shield-shaped silver symbol upon the chest.


Renate Konstantin

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