Sigismund Dreher

"We shall crush the savages under the iron boot of civilization."


Sigismund’s father, the pervious Lord General of Freystadt passed away while his son was yet young, only twenty years old. Now, at the age of twenty-five, he has taken to the position with remarkable alacrity, becoming, despite his inexperience, one of the most respected rulers the land has had.

Dreher is a devout follower of Abadar, and passionately believes in the militant ideals of his country. Leaving most of the administrative matters to his advisers, Sigismund often takes to the battlefield alongside his units, his natural charisma and martial prowess proving an inspiration to all who fight alongside him.

Physically, Sigismund Dreher looks his age, handsome and youthful features framed by a mane of golden hair. Both on and off the battlefield he favors a suit of gleaming white full plate, highlighted with golden trim and a flowing cape of the same design. Though average in height and stature, he has a natural charisma and powerful personality that make him appear somehow much larger, every inch a natural ruler.


Sigismund Dreher

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