A rogue the heroes of Freystadt encountered while exploring Karzak’s lost laboratory. She was a fey’ri; a tiefling elf, the daughter of an unfaithful elven man and an erinye. She was disowned by her mother after her father died and her fiendish heritage came to light, and was forced to make a living working for the Shizamu Thieves Guild. She was briefly the traveling companion of Nyrik and Kham when they worked for Karl the Dull, but she met an unfortunate end at the jaws of a mysterious wolf in the catacombs.

Her yellow eyes, blotchy black skin, and ashen hair, combined with her obviously demonic traits (stubby horns and elongated canines, as well as useless, vestigial wings,) made her somewhat intimidating, and she was not particularly attractive.

Though her corpse was pulverized by the graceless plodding of Gilbert Barkwin, and her body given a burial by her companions from Shizamu, she reappeared months later as a mindless thrall, animated by fiendish spirits in the employ of Karl the Dull, in an effort to slay her former companions. Though the enthralled Tabirra succeeded in defeating and abducting Gilbert Barkwin, the fiendish spirits abandoned her body after Karl was slain, and it returned to being a mere corpse.

Though Tabirra’s soul had by this point already entered the Outer Planes, becoming a petitioner in Purgatory, it was essentially disassembled at Hustler’s Den when Nyrik chose her body as the vessel for the succubus Vehelith, throwing it into the demonseed-tainted Waters of Renewal, allowing the demon to inhabit Tabirra’s body as her own and completely absorb Tabirra’s soul. With there now no meaningful distinction between Vehelith’s identity and Tabirra’s, the newly incarnated Succubus-Fey’ri then departed for a new life in Livadeia, upon the paladin’s suggestion.


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