Timoteus Scrier


The third member of Freystadt’s elite wyvern-riding Order, Timoteus Scrier is a devilishly handsome half-elf with wavy dark hair reaching past his shoulders and a lean, slender physique. As with many elite members of Freystadt’s military, Scrier eschews a uniform, instead wearing a pair of black slacks and a dark heavy coat with a hem that extends down to his knees. He prefers to keep the coat open at the front, and declines to wear an undershirt. A single red rose pinned to his lapel completes the effect.

As his appearance would imply, Timoteus is somewhat of a fop, and considers himself a skilled ladies man. In reality, he has eyes only for Lysistrata Rose, whose constant refusals of his affection do nothing to deter him. Recently, having heard stories of the famous hero Nyrik, he has declared the paladin to be an official romantic rival.


Timoteus Scrier

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