Temperament: Militaristic

Ruler: Lord General Sigismund Dreher

Colors: White and Gold

Flag: Gray wyvern, encircled by a ring of gold on a white field.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Deity: Abadar

A large kingdom located on the Southeastern corner of the continent, characterized by prosperous land filled with hills, forests, and lakes. Militaristic in nature, serving as a soldier is considered the most prestigious of careers for a Freystadtian, and though there is no official draft, almost every young man, and many young women, enlist as soon as they come of age.

The people of Freystadt are renowned for their fortitude and pride, but they are also prone to close-mindedness and relatively unimaginative in any field other than war. A single Lord General rules the kingdom at any one time, acting both as king and supreme commander in all military matters. The current Lord General, Sigismund Dreher, is remarkably young to hold the post, and personally leads many military operations, cutting a striking figure in his white plate, astride his personal wyvern mount.

Freystadt (Capitol)
Fort MŌčllrose


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