Freystadt (City)

The capitol of the kingdom of Freystadt, and a veritable forest of stout, brown-roofed buildings surrounded by a circle of towering white stone walls. Freystadt is an industrious city, many plumes of smoke often seen wafting from factories and forges dotting the streets. Towering over the center of the metropolis is the Lord General’s fortress, its gleaming white buttresses still obviously battle-ready despite their extensive ornamentation. At the base of the castle squats the Aegis Vault, a massive edifice that serves as the center of the city’s bureaucracy.

Geographically, Freystadt is situated in the Eastern portion of the kingdom, upon the banks of the river that winds across the continent. A wide, heavy drawbridge provides passage over this river, which acts as an active method of trade with the ports to the South and Shizamu to the north. Its position on a slowly sloping hill to the East and North gives the city a prime defensive position, and offers an unparallelled view from the walls of the silvery lakes dotting the lands to the South.

Freystadt’s population is mostly Human, with a significant Dwarven population, naturally drawn to the kingdom’s militant and lawful demeanor. Elves, gnomes, and halflings comprise a less sizeable portion of the population, but the citizens are surprisingly open-minded on the issue of other sentient species, and it is not uncommon to see members of almost any race about the city or serving in the military.

Freystadt City

LN metropolis

Corruption +5; Crime +5; Economy +8; Law +10; Lore +8; Society +1

Qualities city of the dead, defensible, financial center, good roads, planned community, strategic location, under-city

Danger +30; Disadvantages bureaucratic nightmare


Government military


Notable NPCs

Lord General Sigismund Dreher (LN male human)

High Priestess of Abadar Renate Konstantin (LN female dwarf)

Knight of the First Vault Markus Hofmeister (LG male human)

Grand Diplomat / Golden Fist Alena Winther (LE female changeling)

Master Strategist / Golden Fist Gilbert Hardwin (NG male human)

Dame of the Vault / Golden Fist Karin Armbruster (CN female human barbarian 12)

Knight Inspector / Golden Fist Ludolf Forest (LN male gnome urban ranger 12)

White Wyvern Society Grand Master Otmar Stoppelbein (LN male human)


Base Value 24,640 gp; Purchase Limit 140,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th

Minor Items all available; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4

Freystadt (City)

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