Freystadt Military Structure

Freystadt’s military consists of a single large army, commanded by the Lord General, who has absolute power over all affairs. Due to its important holdings all being inland, and the high cliffs that surround most of the nation, Freystadt has no official navy.

The Freystadt army is broken into three “Fronts”, all under the control of the Lord General. Each Front is led by a Knight of the Vault, and contains two or more Columns, each led by a Knight Commander, each of which has a designated responsibility. Columns are further broken down into two or more Brigades, each headed by a Commander, and further into Regiments, Battalions, Companies, Platoons, and Squads, as listed in the chart below.

Front – Two or more Columns, assigned a specific area of responsibility. The three main Fronts are the Aegis Front, the Central Front, and the Expeditionary Front. Each Front is led by a Knight of the Vault, who reports directly to the Lord General.

Column – Two or more Brigades, each with an area of responsibility within the Front. A Column is led by a Knight Commander, who reports to the Knight of the Vault above them.

Brigade – A group of Two or more Regiments, led by a Commander who reports to the Knight Commander above them.

Regiment – Two or more Battalions, led by a Colonel who reports to the Brigade Commander. The highest operational division in times of war.

Battalion – Two or more companies, led by a Major, and the basic unit around which military strategies are planned.

Company – Two or more platoons of troops, commanded by a Captain, and designed for synergy within the Battalion.

Platoon – A group of two or more squads, led by a Lieutenant or enlisted member of high rank.

Squad – A group of anywhere from four to twenty soldiers, led by an enlisted member of Corporal rank or higher, depending on the importance of the squad’s mission.

The majority of Freystadt’s troops are enlisted, and, as joining the military is highly encouraged and seen as a prestigious occupation in the Kingdom, there is no shortage of recruits. Freystadt’s officers largely come from the prestigious Magnebard Military Academy in the capitol. Sons and daughters of noble families with a history of military service also commonly receive commissions, and it is not uncommon for an enlisted soldier who performs exceptionally on the field to be upgraded to officer rank. Freystadt’s military ranks are as follows:


  • Knight of the Vault
  • Knight Commander
  • Commander
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Individuals of Knight Commander or Knight of the Vault rank receive an automatic Knighthood upon promotion, and thus are referred to by “Sir” or “Dame” as appropriate.


  • Master at Arms
  • Sergeant Major / Warrant Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

There is only ever one active Master at Arms in the military at one time, and though the rank is technically below any officer, it holds much power and control over the entire enlisted hierarchy. Warrant Officer is a special rank conferred to specialists in a certain field or other enlisted individuals with great prestige or extraordinary circumstances.

Freystadt Military Structure

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