Shizamu Major Clans

Following the return of the Tyrant, KARZAK, Shizamu was plunged into chaos. The shock of the returning Tyrant and a string of assassinations that all but eliminated its previous leadership combined to devastate the country’s economy and entirely overturn the political regime. In the aftermath, several individuals and groups have risen up, staking out swathes of territory and vying for leadership of the new Shizamu.

Hashikawa House – A very wealthy house led by one Hashikawa Hachirou They consider themselves to be the rightful inheritors of Shizamu.

Tsenkyo Clan – A stable and financially sound organization led by Ulugan Tsenkyo. They do not wish for control over Shizamu, but are unwilling to submit to Hashikawa rule.

Monkhbat Sect – Radicals who believe in using the fresh political slate to create a nation entirely devoted to opposing and fighting KARZAK. They wear emotionless steel masks to represent their militaristic ideals

Yamauchi Ninja – A clan of Ninja who have secluded themselves in the Northern mountains, working toward an unknown purpose. It is believed that they were responsible for the assassinations of Shizamu’s leaders.

Hyakuman Doji – An army of half-oni and other monstrous beasts from the Western wastelands seeking to take advantage of the turmoil to establish their own nation.

Shizamu Major Clans

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