The Freystadt Military Uniform

Dress Uniform

The Freystadt officer’s dress uniform consists of a double-breasted white top with gold trim and a red, single-shoulder cape embroidered with the Wyvern emblem. The uniform bottom is white slacks with polished black boots. Gloves are optional in black or white, and the right glove has the Wyvern emblem embroidered on the back. The uniform is worn without a hat.

Freystadt’s enlisted dress uniform is as detailed above, but does not include the red single-shoulder cape.

Battle Uniform

The battle uniform consists of a dark blue, long-sleeved doublet with an optional breastplate and slacks of the same color. A utility belt with multiple pouches and a sword holder is included, and the back of the breastplate is fitted to accommodate a shield. The Wyvern crest is embroidered on the upper left chest of the doublet. Boots are brown, made of leather, and designed for endurance and practicality rather than appearance.

There is no variation between the officer and enlisted versions of the battle uniform, aside from the displayed rank.

The Freystadt Military Uniform

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