Citizens of Freystadt!

The time for glory is nigh! As a citizen of Freystadt, you are well acquainted with the beauty and power of our expansive Kingdom. However! Threats encroach on every side!

Just North of our prosperous lands, the thieving holds of Shizamu even now encroach upon our territory. Though they call themselves a kingdom, they are shameless in their methods and lax in their discipline, and conduct frequent raids against the helpless peasants settled upon our Northern border. We as a kingdom cannot be truly safe until this sinister threat has been wiped out!

To the West, an even more sinister threat yet builds. The blasted expanse called Blightmoor is well known as an abyss filled with all that is evil and savage. Placed steadfastly upon the Western border, Fort Mϋllrose is our first and last bastion of defense against this plague of wickedness, and willing hands are sorely needed to man its impenetrable walls.

Though the other “Kingdoms” that dot the continent are not as immediate a threat, still we must remain wary! The nomads of Altun Ha to the Northwest are capricious and untrustworthy, and we must remain wary for any signs of aggression. Nestled far on the other side of the land, the mages of Sharan are in a prime position to rain magical death upon any who oppose them.

Truly, the only other nation that may be trusted is Livadeia to the North, for through their zealous worship of Pharasma they can be expected to remain utterly neutral in all dealings.

By order of the Lord General, recruitment is indefinitely open in every town and hamlet across the land. Visit your local garrison and enlist at once, for the glory of Freystadt!