In the Shadow of the Tyrant

In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Freystadt Act 2 Begins!

Our heroes have defeated the evil Hannibal Woden, and put an end to the threat caused by Tyrant’s Redoubt. Though powerful in his own right, the lich proved to be merely a pawn of KARZAK himself, who has made an explosive return to the continent of Corisande, conjuring a massive floating castle in the center of Altun Ha. Already the Tyrant and his four Divine Generals have begun raising forces, intent on conquering the world once again.

Meanwhile, Freystadt prepares for war. A strong tradition of militarism has made their nation the most well-prepared for KARZAK’s return, and the Lord General now sees it as Freystadt’s duty to unite the rest of the nations into a determined resistance. However, just to the North, Shizamu has erupted into civil war, various factions vying to fill the power hole created by the nation’s economic collapse. Thus, the Unicorn Brigade is faced with an impossible mission. They must infiltrate Shizamu and single-handedly quell the civil war, all the while ensuring that whatever faction ends up on top is willing and able to ally with Freystadt against the Tyrant’s threat.


Gamble_Kuma Gamble_Kuma

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