In the Shadow of the Tyrant

Riwen's Training, Interlude: "Shahzada"

Forest dark, forest calm,
a clear night sky, a silent song.

Familiar lake, recondite form,
distant figure on the water, its surface untorn.

Looking on, in surprise,
a young elf, as if by magic, was met with the dancer’s eyes.

Larger than she, the figure condensed,
and without a word, started the event.

Flamboyant eyebrows, blue-green skin,
the mistress of water began to spin.

A moonlit performance for no one at all,
the red-haired elf looked on in awe.

With each movement came a purpose unseen,
a living dance, fleeting and amaranthine.

As the climax neared, the dance did hasten,
though a whirlwind of beauty, her vigor unchastened.

Light reflecting from cast watery motes,
perfect sparkles surrounded her, as though her song’s notes.

Though dancer and audience could both go on,
with each performance must come denouement.

A spectacular show, a quiet end,
pearlescent teeth, and a farewell smile.

Into the water did the dancer blend,
seeking applause clearly not her style.

Never before had the elf seen such splendor,
but already knew one thing with certainty—

Bearing witness to the dance ignited a flame,
in her heart for eternity.


Gamble_Kuma ZFel

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