In the Shadow of the Tyrant

The Tyrant's Return - Aysu


Firstly, allow me to welcome you back to your home plane. According to my understanding, it has been well over 2000 years since your departure, and both the geography and the political climate have changed significantly in that time. The purpose of this report is to familiarize your Lordship with the current situation, as well as the threats represented by the orders established in your time away.

The land over which your castle now presides is known as “Altun-Ha”. It is a barbaric land, ruled over by little more than warring tribes of Orcs and Humans, with a significant Hobgoblin presence in the Western jungles. Some of the Orcish warlords may object to your new dominion, but so long as they remain scattered and disorganized, they represent no threat to your Lordship or your forces.

To the Northwest of your Lordship’s holdings is a relatively powerful Mageocracy known as Saran. It is an old country established shortly after your departure in honor of the hero Kaiten. Saran is in a period of political turmoil, and as such currently poses little threat. It does, however, boast a large collection of powerful Wizards, and, if allowed to organize itself, could prove to be a significant obstacle in the future. I believe that Fereydoun has requested Saran as a personal target, and I encourage that his request be granted. His manipulative skills, however distasteful, would be instrumental in ensuring that the major powers of Saran do not have opportunity to unite against you.

Directly north of the castle is a country called Livadeia, which was established prior to your departure from this plane. Dedicated to the goddess Pharasma, they were dedicated solely to hunting down and destroying undead, specifically your Lordship’s undead minions. Their ancient hunters destroyed many important undead assets in ages past, but my scouts have reported that recent centuries have seen a significant shift away from military focus. Their current leader, Valerius Sanna is beloved by his people, but holds little power. It is my belief that Livadeia can be safely dismissed as a threat to your Lordship’s rule.

The country directly East of Altun Ha, known as Shizamu, has been thrown into chaos by your Lordship’s return and thus, likewise, can be dismissed as a threat. Several houses, families, and factions are currently vying for power in the turmoil created by the collapse of Shizamu’s economy, and only the Monkhbat sect is actively interested in opposing your Lordship’s power. A group of ambitious half-giants in the Western part of the country has taken the opportunity to form their own faction, calling themselves the Hyakuman-doji. Though disorganized, they are powerful, and could prove to be a useful tool if properly manipulated.

Our largest threat is located directly South of your Lordship’s holdings, the country of Freystadt. I understand that this is the country used to test the world for your Lordship’s return, and your Lordship already has a deep understanding of the threat they pose, but in order to cover all possibilities I will continue with the report. Freystadt is the most organized and militaristic of the five countries, and is easily the greatest military threat. General Endovelicus has been preparing for the inevitable clash with the country, and combined with the troops we will be able to gather from Blightmoor, as well as the possible aid of the Hyakuman-doji, there should be no obstacles to crushing them with superior forces and numbers.

Another concern is the high number of powerful individuals in Freystadt. Their leader, one Sigismund Dreher, holds great status both politically and on the battlefield, and should not be underestimated. His personal guard, the First Knightly Order of the Lindwurm, likewise are each individually powerful enough to present a threat. Aside from these, the group of adventurers that defeated Hannibal Woden are an unpredictable and potentially very dangerous element. I highly recommend dealing with them as soon as possible, before they become powerful enough to significantly impact the coming battles.

In conclusion, my recommendation to your Lordship is to leave Saran to Fereydoun, ignore Livadeia and Shizamu, and focus our efforts on the destruction of Freystadt. General Endovelicus has reported that his forces will be prepared to attack within the month, after which Princess Sariel will commence her own plan. I would like to request that my own forces be separated from hers. The obvious problems aside, I find her… simple eagerness to be rather unsettling. We await your further orders.

Glory to the Tyrant,
Aysu Khoroushi, the Blade of God


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