Aalekzander Larahnda Pemberton

"I assure you, this is no less than my duty as Mistress Alena's butler."


A tall, dour Elf with serious gray features, a bald head, and a well-oiled goatee, Aalekzander Larahnda Pemberton is never seen without his well-cut dark uniform, pristine white gloves, and gleaming black dress shoes. Though his primary occupation is as a manservant, the keen glint in his eyes and the tense fluidity with which he moves betray him as far more than an ordinary butler. Aalekzander oozes dangerous efficiency, and his mere presence ensures his mistress Alena Winther’s safety far better than any squad of mundane bodyguards.


Aalekzander is Dame Alena Winther’s personal butler and head manservent, and rarely strays from her side. Alena calls him “Willikins”, but this is only because it is, for some reason, what she believes and proper haed butler should be called. His full name, which he rarely uses, is Aalekzander Larahnda Pemberton.
A man of no small skill, Aalekzander serves as bodyguard, assistant, and assassin as well as in his capacity as Dame Winther’s manservant. Though not explicitly evil, he is complicit in many of her schemes, and displays a generally uncaring attitude toward the lives and welfare of others. Indeed, “Willikins” rarely displays any emotion whatsoever, beyond a vaguely bored professionalism.
Though he does not have many obvious connections in Freystadt, Aalekzander has a strange relationship with the paladin, Nyrik Albanir. This usually manifests as Nyrik running to Alena’s manor, knocking repeatedly and making a nuisance of himself, then begging Pemberton to come outside and play until he finally relents. Though the nature of Nyrik’s “games” vary, they usually end with the paladin flat on his back and Willikins walking away calmly, refitting his pristine white gloves. This, more than anything, speaks to his capability in combat.

Aalekzander Larahnda Pemberton

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