A black-haired, blue-eyed elven bard with a hint of wanderlust. Kaleel was first encountered by then-Lieutenant Köhler‘s squad in the Tyrant’s catacombs when he was independently exploring and got trapped in a room with an automatically locking door. Kaleel subsisted on rats and shoe leather until the Freystadtians finally liberated him a few weeks later. He joined with the large group exploring the catacombs for a few hours, before finally deciding to leave with the large party from Saran.

At some point not long after heading to Saran with his new teammates, Kaleel grew tired of their antagonistic behavior and set out on his own. Around this time, he encountered the orcish bodybuilder Steinogg and agreed to go on a journey with him to Freystadt City, but somewhere along the way he became possessed by devilish spirits in the service of Karl the Dull and was compelled to wait for Kohler’s squad on their return from Stromberg in order to lead the party into a trap. He captured almost half of them in a large net, including his friend Steinogg, then whisked them back to Pixie’s Tower with a Scroll of Greater Teleport.

Kaleel was one of the devil-possessed adventurers waiting for Kham and Nyrik’s party on the roof of Pixie’s Tower, but was freed after Karl the Dull was slain in battle, with no memory of all as to what had transpired. Though Tighenarch proposed using his body as a vessel for the succubus Vehelith despite Kaleel not actually being dead, he managed to make it out of the tower relatively unmolested and returned to Freystadt City with Steinogg and Kohler’s squad, deciding to give up on a life of adventure.



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